About This Section

This is our API documentation. This includes more examples and more lengthy explanation than our Library page. Here we have documentation and examples around a few of our major classes.


Our Config docs cover initialization of Dynamoose and basic examples.


Our Schema docs cover creation of Schemas. These are the most important part of your Dynamoose definitions. Models inherit from these, so special care should be put into typing, adding statics, and other operations here.


Our Model docs cover how to use Models and the associated methods. The Model is the fundamental building block of your Dynamoose powered DynamoDB.


Our Scan docs cover how our Scan class works along whith how to use the different methods we supply.


Our Query docs cover use of our Query class and some of the intracacies of it's inner workings.


Our Plugins docs cover creation and instantiation of a Plugin. This feature is currently in beta and can change at anytime.